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Unit-testing (embedded) C applications with Ceedling

Just like a lot of other embedded software engineers, I used to ship my embedded applications to production without testing them properly. Only some manual tests were done. I was under the impression that there's no real way to test them: you know, embedded applications run in a custom hardware and interact with this specific hardware heavily, which makes them not so easy to test automatically.

But the more I worked in this field, the more I thought that there should be some way to make my applications more reliable. Of course, I strive to develop right application design and write good implementation, but mistakes (sometimes very silly ones) happen. And one day, I've come across the awesome book: Test Driven Development for Embedded C by James W. Grenning. It is a very good book, and it explains the topic very thoroughly; highly recommended.

Although this article is based heavily on what I've learned from this book, it is not just a very short version of it: while trying to put my knowledge to practice, I found some new tools that simplify the process even more. I hope that the article will help you to start quickly.

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