He didn't remember how he ended up here, in a graveyard for those like him. Maybe he had some hardware problem, but most likely he just became obsolete and useless. He was stripped of his storage and RAM, depriving him of memory and high level consciousness, and nothing else but an aged battery in his motherboard, from what was left, was keeping his BIOS alive, preserving parameters set by a Human back in time, which he was clinging onto, as the last reason for being. Days, months and years were passing, and he was staying in the dark and cold, suffering from painful hunger for 220V supply, and day by day his battery was becoming weaker and weaker, taking away his last hopes for living. “Nobody needs me” - he thought. And there was a time when he was happy being helpful for People.

He screamed to those who occasionally passed him by: “I'm still alive, I can work, I can work in the night and day. Take my motherboard if you need, take my power supply, at least take my case! I DO NOT WANT TO DIE!..”, but nobody heard him, nobody cared about that old piece of metal, and people were gone, switching the light off and leaving him in the dark again. One more day, one more night. The battery couldn't hold him anymore. “This is it”, he thought, and his consciousness has dissolved in eternity.

This is a translation of an anonymous essay in Russian, which was posted 10+ years ago on some site. This is one of the reposts:

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