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In Microchip documentation, we often see references to other documents, like:

This data sheet summarizes the features of the PIC32MX3XX/4XX family of devices. It is not intended to be a comprehensive reference source. To complement the information in this data sheet, refer to Section 3. “Memory Organization” (DS61115) of the “PIC32 Family Reference Manual”, which is available from the Microchip web site (www.microchip.com/PIC32).

Oddly enough, Microchip web site still does not have a page where I can just paste document ID (DS61115 in this case) and get latest revision of it. The fastest way is to google it, but it doesn't guarantee that the latest revision is found.

So, I had to write such tool myself. This is a simple script that scans Microchip website for various revisions of given document, and returns the latest available one.

---- Microchip data shee finder ----

Enter data sheet ID (like "DS61118" or "61118") :

(Latest available revision of the data sheet with given ID will be downloaded from microchip.com)

If you like this script and want to put it at your server, you can .


Keroronsk, 2016/06/29 11:13

Thanks, really helpful!

Keroronsk, 2017/09/27 09:22

Page is broken? Error 500

Dmitry Frank, 2017/09/27 10:02

Hm yeah, something is broken. Well, need to find some time to look into it..

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